Allison & Robert’s Engagement Session

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She Likes Me Maybe, She Likes Me A Little, She Likes Me A Whole Bunch!!!

Allison & Robert's Engagement Session
I love photographing engagement sessions, learning how couples met each other, and all the little things that get them to the point of rings and “I love you!” Meet Allison & Robert, or as I called them, Ali & Ro. They met while both working in a clothing store and Allison thought Robert took himself wayyyyy too serious — he though she laughed too much. For roughly two months, Roberts tried to get a date with Allison, but she told him no never! Bust just as he began to give up on her, Allison started liking him. Quoting Ali, “When he decided to give up on me, that is when I started liking him and knew this relationship was a special one. Since September 2, 2011, we have been inseparable and we are truly each other’s best friends and soul mates.”

Check out some of the moments from their engagement session and read on as Ali describes the proposal.

- Robert surprised me with the proposal, I had no idea he was going to do it! We have been dating for 6 months and we just told each other that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with one another.


- So, on March 17th, he told me he planned a horseback riding date for me (I love to go horseback riding.) We were the only two on the ride (except the instructor) and I thought it was a tad odd but brushed it off.


- The whole entire time we're riding I was laughing and having a good time, while Robert looked like he was about to be sick. When we got to the rest stop that is absolutely beautiful and surreal, he told me he wanted to take a picture with me off the horse.


- I agreed to it and then when I tried to get next to him to take the picture, he told me to get back a little (so he could get down on one knee) but I thought he was crazy because I had no idea what was going on.


- Then he finally said, "Allison, I love you so much, will you marry me?" I was shocked and couldn't breathe but of course I said YES!


- After we finished the ride, I was surprised by both of our families and loved ones waiting there for us. It was the best day of our lives!


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