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Hello there! I’m glad you stopped by to learn more about Christographer.

Christographer [formerly known as Lucky Pro Photography] was established in 2008 around a key principle — take great photos of amazing people. And we love to do just that!

My name is Christopher Walker and I’m am excited you are checking out Christographer. My passion for seeing things artistically and my desire to capture high-quality photographs are united in this pursuit I call Christographer.

My team and I serve a very diverse clientele who all have this in common… capturing memories in photographs is very meaningful to them. I make it my personal desire to tell your story artistically and authentically. I encourage you to let your natural personality break free. My team and I will capture that truth and beauty from our unique artistic perspective. We love taking awesome photos of awesome clients… did I say that already.

More About Christopher

I can remember my very first camera…the old-school Polaroid… fanning the photo to ‘speed up’ the development process. Technology has come a long way since then and I’m always researching and keeping up to date with what’s new in digital photography. I am also well versed in web and graphic design concepts and applications which come in quite handy during our post processing.

I absolutely love wedding photography which includes engagement and bridal portrait sessions. It is such a joyful time for a couples and I see it as a great honor to be a part of your special day. My team and I have photographed many weddings and I can recall personal details about each one of them. Every love story is different and every single one of them is special. Evey wedding takes me back to the day my wife and I were married — and that makes it personal for me.

Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that I am a sinner saved by the grace of God through my faith in Jesus Christ. This is the most significant attribute about me because it shapes and molds everything else that I am and all I aspire to be. My belief in Jesus is the foundation for my entire life, it gives me peace and balance, and it provides me the freedom to be all God has created me to be within the boundaries of His will for my life.

Husband to a Wonderful Woman. I definitely found a good thing when I met Angela. She has impacted my life tremendously, all for the better. We were married April 2009 in Destin, Florida and have enjoyed building a life together. We’re likely going to be that old couple sitting on the front porch yelling at kids to get off our lawn, then laughing when they take us serious.

Sometimes late at night I tickle her until she almost cries, then I reassure her that uncontrollable laughter is good for the soul. The wonderfulness of Angie is that, even in those moments, she still loves me and considers cuddling with me minutes later. She knows all my vulnerabilities, fears, shortcomings, and regrets. Through it all she loves and encourages me daily. I am truly blessed to be her husband.

Dad. Angela and I have 3 kids (as of May 2017). We have truly been blessed to  have such amazing kids who do the silliest things that keep our lives pretty amusing and busy.

Personality Traits

Serious Face

Mr. Nice Guy

Pleasantly Weird

Lame Joke Teller