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Alex & Zach’s Engagement Session

By July 8, 2012May 11th, 2017Engagements

Oh My, I Tripped and Fell In Love… I think I’ll Just Stay Down Here Now…

Imagine you just walked into a coffee shop and you saw a couple sitting in the corner. They had no care of what was going on around them, they had now fear of tomorrow, they seemed so in love with one another… for they had each other and that’s all that mattered. We’ll we have met such a couple in Alex & Zach. Our first official meeting was only moments before their engagement session, but they quickly fell into the moment with ease.

There were a few things we simply loved about Alex & Zach: (1)their quirkiness, (2)their genuine, sweet demeanors, (3)their glasses and shoes, and (4) they were just as nerdy as us. It really made our day to hang out with them capturing their love. Congrats Alex & Zach! See you guys in a couple months.

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