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Alicia & Eric Wafford Wedding

By July 21, 2011May 9th, 2017Weddings

Not Sure Who Won, But Skee Ball After A Wedding Is Priceless…

We are so, so, so very sorry for those who could not personally attend this wedding. It’s hard to remember ever laughing so hard for so long with a newlywed couple. Meet Alicia & Eric Wafford who were married June 25th at the stunning Highland Park United Methodist Church. We then headed further north to Cappella Court Gardens in Carrollton for their wedding reception – at which point we knew we were in for pure excitement. My rib cage still aches a little from the constant hilariousness that is Alicia & Eric. The fun even continued into the evening hours as they rented a party bus and cruised the town. There was Skee Ball, StreetFighter, Pinball, you name it!

Alicia & Eric, you guys totally made our day. I know we were there to work with you, but we seriously had a blast in the process. You guys are so great together and we wish you nothing but happiness. We hope you enjoyed this preview and we will be uploading all your photos online in just a few days. Congrats on an unforgettable wedding day!

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