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Angela Walker

By May 17, 2014February 10th, 2021Personal

Sweet, Fun, Beautiful, Loving… and She’s All Mine


Waking up this morning after shooting a wedding yesterday, I found this photograph of Angela on my camera. you see, I pointed the camera at her to check some settings before the ceremony — I had no idea what I had just captured. Isn’t she beautiful! I’m talking internally and externally.

I’ve always been attracted to her and day after day she becomes even more beautiful to me. She has very pretty eyes — those eyes have captivated me from day one. She has such a warm and inviting smile which can brighten any of my days. Her face… gosh, she’s just gorgeous. I’ll keep some of the other details to myself and just say I think she’s head-to-toe attractive.

But this photograph took me back to one of the best things about her. Her personality! She makes me smile, laugh, feel loved and liked… she’s witty, kind, smart, compassionate and nurturing… she’s humble, respectful, caring and fun… she’s confident, inviting, teachable and forgiving. I fell in love with her over phone conversations before we ever had a chance to meet in person. And when I saw her… well, that was the icing on the cake!

I love you Angela Walker!

– Christopher

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