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Are Engagement Sessions Really That Important?

By April 9, 2010F.A.Qs

Importance of Engagement Sessions

Many times when meeting with new wedding clients we are asked this question. Simple answer, YES! Although not mandatory, the engagement session is a very critical part of the wedding photography process which is why we include it in all our collections. You’ve already met us during our initial consultation, now you’ll get to know us behind the camera and begin developing our working relationship. For the majority of clients, it’s the first time for them being professionally captured in a photograph so having this session prior to your wedding will help to alleviate any camera anxieties.

Personally, we love photographing engagement sessions as it is a great way for us to get to know you better as a couple. We get to see your personalities and how you interact with each other. In the end, the engagement session will help with your overall comfort level in front of the camera which helps us with taking the best photographs of you. And aside from getting some awesome shots, engagement photos can be used for invitations, save-the-date cards, announcements and sharing on social networking sites like Facebook.

Where should we shoot our engagement session?

We try to make each engagement session as unique to the couple as possible. We have quite a few favorite locations of our own that we really like, but we like to allow for your input as well. We like rustic scenery, bright colored walls and fun textures, but if you would prefer doing a session in your home (you two cooking dinner, cuddling on the couch, etc.) or you want to head out for an evening at a local carnival, we are all for that too. The location where we shoot your engagement session is going to set the initial tone, so make it a place where you can be comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. Try to consider places that will compliment your personalities or the theme of your wedding. Wherever we shoot, just have fun!

Importance of Engagement Sessions

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