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Claudia & Jared’s Engagement Session

By February 29, 2012May 16th, 2017Engagements

Wherever We Go, As Long As I’m With You, I’m At Home…

So you like awesome couples, huh — here’s one to add to your list. Meet Claudia & Jared, two laid-back, fun, energetic best friends who are getting married this fall. We met with them in the White Rock Lake area and spent a couple hours capturing their sweet interactions. As you view the pics below, Claudia will provide you some insight into their relationship. Enjoy!!!


- We met about 3 years ago through mutual friends. I was celebrating my birthday, which was 4 days before Jared's birthday. Over the next several months we would see each other randomly at mutual hang out places. After hitting it off one day, we were pretty much together all the time.


- We are definitely best friends and we get along so well. Not only do we feel completely comfortable with one another, we also push each other. We love to laugh, try new things, and travel as much as we can.

 The Proposal

The Proposal - After about 2 weeks of accusing Jared not planning anything, he completely surprised me at work on our 1 1/2 year anniversary. We both had the day off the next day, which was when I expected to celebrate the occasion. Apparently he had the whole thing in works for several weeks. Jared told me to gather my belongings and to leave with him immediately. My shift had been arranged to be covered by my coworker/bff/future maid of honor. I didn't realize where our destination was until we arrived at the Adolphus Hotel.


- He had a dress, pair of shoes, and all my make-up and toiletries ready for me and dinner reservations downstairs. Before we went down for dinner he gave me a 1 1/2 year anniversary gift of a special pair of shoes I had been saving for. The shoes were beautiful, but didn't fit. Jared then said he was sorry the shoes didn't fit, but that he had something else he hoped I could wear.


- That's when he pulled a small box from his jacket pocket, bent to a knee, and proposed. After dinner he told me he had one last surprise, Katy Perry tickets for the next night! It was perfect end to an evening and a perfect start to our new lives together.


Congratulations Claudia & Jared!!! We are so excited to photograph your wedding!

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