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Jessica & Lou’s Engagement Session

By August 8, 2011April 26th, 2017Engagements

TGIF, Well Actually It Was Saturday, But Who’s Keeping Track…

If these two look familiar, it’s because they’re secretly superstars. Meet Jessica & Lou, two very awesome people. We met up with them this past Saturday in downtown Dallas’ West End to discuss their wedding details – we threw in a quick engagement session for fun. The most random things happened during our session: a waiter soliciting us for business outside of the restaurant (like outside and across the street), a cab driver stopped and turned up the radio to the tune of The Temptations, and a few guys provided us with different assortments of flowers from a wedding reception that just ended a block away.

On top of that, it was 108 degrees outside. Despite the heat and the distractions, Jessica & Lou did quite well and we had a blast with them. We are so excited for their wedding which will be on 9-10-11.

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