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Kristen Noorani Maternity Portraits

By March 8, 2013April 25th, 2017Portraits

Once Upon a Time

Thinking back decades ago when I made my debut into this world… though the details may be a little fuzzy, I’m pretty sure I was the most amazing kid ever. People sang to me for no reason and everyone kept repeating this silly chant of Ahhhh Gooochie Wooochie Wooooooo which my brain translated as, “You are totally the best thing to ever happen to the lives of everyone around you!” Well, not exactly those words! Actually, the reason I always felt like the world centered around me had everything to do with my parents and how they treated me like I was amazing. After spending only a couple of hours with Kristen and her husband Kareem, we can honestly say they are going to have an amazing kid! You could see all the love and excitement in these expectant parents’ eyes. Join us in being thrilled for them!!!


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