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Mr. Junior Photographer – Update #12

By March 26, 2012April 26th, 2017Personal

Our Little Boy Has Grown Up into… A Much Bigger Boy…

Mr. Junior Photographer – Update #12

It’s been almost a year since our last update and boy have things changed. Who would have thought that just by eating, sleeping and taking in the necessary quantities of vitamins and minerals, a sweet little backseat, “Are We there yet?” boy would grown into a passenger seat, yet directionally challenged, joy-riding boy??? Well certainly we knew he wouldn’t stay tiny forever, but the legs on this kids — geez his knees are almost touching the dash!

So what has our little junior been up to lately. Well he’s been:

  • mastering the 4th grade,
  • learning about old-school video games,
  • keeping his parents well entertained,
  • roasting hot dogs and toasting marshmallows,
  • playing for a new soccer team,
  • growing up sooooo fast!

Crosby is definitely coming into his own and his personality is so unique and appealing. We have yet to met an adult that has not had a great time with him around. I’m sure we would like to think we have put in 100% of what Crosby shells out — but truth-be-told he has made us better parents, better people and he has taught us how to once again be silly like big ‘ol kids!

Crosby is still quite interested in photography, but with his busy schedule it’s almost impossible to put the camera in his hands. Hopefully one day we will see him take over the family business and start writing blogs about his old parents.

And just in case he reads this: Crosby you are an amazing kid. We are so thankful for you and so excited to see the person you are becoming. You have made us so proud as parents and we love you so much. You are our Mr. Junior Photographer, but you are also known as the Best Son in the World!!!

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