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Pallavi & Rohith Engagement Session

By March 2, 2014May 26th, 2017Engagements

I Colored A Picture For You… It’s Red and Green With a Hint of Forever…

ABCDEFG, coloring books, recess and a nap — that’s what I remember from my kindergarten days. Pallavi & Rohith, I’m sure, remember the same things with an added bonus — they remember each other as well. I asked the couple how they met and fell in love and they shared the most adorable story with me. It goes like this. Pallavi & Rohith have known each other since their early school-age days. They have always been friends and most of the time classmates. Since they had known each other very well and for so long, they thought they would be the best match, EVER! After spending a couple hours photographing all their adorableness, I agree! Congratulations Pallavi & Rohith — thanks for allowing me to share in this joyous moment of your lives.


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