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Stacey & Randy Wade Wedding

By May 10, 2011May 8th, 2017Weddings

They’re Cute, But They Did Help Keep Austin Weird…

A couple weeks ago we traveled to Austin, Texas for a wedding. Little did we know what was in store for us. Stacey & Randy’s wedding was nothing short of phenomenal and we thoroughly enjoyed our time working with them. Their wedding took place at the beautiful Terrace Club, about 15 minutes outside of Austin, and the entire day was filled with great moments. The photos we’ve posted here will take you through a short journey of what their wedding day was like. We hope you enjoy. Comments welcomed!

Stacey & Randy, we had such a wonderful time with you guys, and we’re so happy for the both of you and your families. You guys are going to be so happy together and we’ll be sure to look you up when we come to Denver. And now for a bonus surprise!

Every once in a while we come across some reception dancing that is sooooooo worth switching from stills to video. These guys were so much fun!

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