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TCC Nursing Graduation Portrait Session

By November 29, 2011April 26th, 2017Personal

Thank You For Being A Friend, Traveled Down The Road And Back Again, Your Heart Is True You’re A Pal And A Confidant

Angela Walker - TCC Nursing Graduation Portraits
Two years ago when I was stepping into Nursing school, I had no idea what was to come. I sat through a meeting where the speakers basically told you that for the next two years the workload would be steady and our social lives obsolete. After completely freaking out we were introduced to the ten people who would be in our first ever hospital clinical rotation, this is where I met three of my very closest friends. Meet Marcheta, Rachael and Stephanie.

We are a completely unlikely group, brought together by the torture that some call Nursing school. I say that with a playful tone because that is what has got us through. Laughter when we could have cried, sarcasm to mix up the routine and lots and lots of inside jokes made school with them a little bit of fun! We’ve learned each others biggest fears (pssssss, don’t put Steph in an elevator), mended each others broken hearts (usually with food and some good laughs), watched each others kids (thanks for the help on wedding days Rach), offered each other a reason to laugh when the workload got intense, unashamedly referred to ourselves as the “A-team” after every single test no matter what the results were, passed the “crown” around to the top score for every single assignment and most recently celebrated and held Marcheta’s baby for the first time making some very proud new aunties! (Pictures to come in the next blog)

Nursing school wouldn’t have been the same without you girls! So excited to see where life takes you and to always remain close to my “A-team”. Love you girls!

10 More days and counting down till the final exam…..

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