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You Can Call Us Christographer!

By June 12, 2013April 25th, 2017Personal

Undoubtedly, some people visited and were immediately transported to our new website — you thought you were at the wrong place, but actually, you are just where we want you to be.

The new website has received a lot of compliments and some pretty sweet raves from a couple of notable wedding industry gurus. This all makes us pretty excited about all the changes that have happened as well as all the changes that are still to come for our photography business. So the underlying questions is “why the big change?”

We started our business in 2007 with the thought of taking great photos for awesome clients. And to the best of our ability, that’s what we did. We photographed weddings, bridals, engagements, maternity, newborns, kids, families, seniors, events, birthdays — did I miss anything? On top of this, I had a full-time job as a web developer and Angela was in Nursing school. Needless to say, we were super busy, but we really enjoyed the growth. We kept busy for years with a hectic schedule and almost no time for other important things in life.

Besides having a limited personal life, we also saw that personal attention and interaction with our clients had become more like handing out numbers and having them get in line. We didn’t make them feel this way, but it’s how we felt after initially building closer relationships with so many of our previous clients. A little sentimental or mushy — sure! I know we won’t all become BFFs, but we love getting to know our clients on a personal level so we get a sense of how to bring out their own uniqueness and personalities. At the volume we were going, this was getting harder to do. Did we still take great photos? Of course we did. But we didn’t feel as connected to our clients, and as people-persons that can be discouraging.

If you have followed our work for any amount of time or were a client years and years ago, you’ve noticed that our style has changed quite a bit — from the way we take photographs, to the editing and even extending into the design and layout of the post products like albums. This all screaming to us that it was time for some re-branding.

So now let’s get to the “what’s new, what’s changed” conversation.

The obvious, name change. Christographer! I like it… Angela likes it. Besides, Angelographer doesn’t roll off the tongue very well. I’m excited about the new name and am very happy that it is so personalized. We considered other names, but this one kept sticking with me, and Angela graciously allowed me to use it.

Focusing on weddings, bridals and engagements/couples. We love working with couples, especially at such an important milestone in their lives. Angela and I are both hopeless romantics and playful people and we try to naturally bring out these same characteristics in our clients — within their comfort level of course. We love capturing that moment when the he sees his bride for the first time… the moment proud dad is about to her walk down the aisle… the pure joy and happiness in everyone’s faces… or those moments during the engagement session when the couple is so comfortable they almost forget we are there.

Does this mean we will not photograph any other types of session? No, but it does mean that we will be very selective and limiting in this regard.

A very limited number of weddings per month/year. You’ve gotta know that we would love nothing more than to photograph every wedding that comes our way, however, our family and our own personal time are very important to us. We want to have the flexibility to not always have to be on a schedule. We also want to have plenty of time to devote to the clients we have ensuring that we are building a great working relationship (or friendship) as we move toward your wedding day.

Simplified wedding collections. Our whole approach is to offer a standard collection that covers most every thing our clients would want. Though simplified, there are a few bells and whistles we think you’ll appreciate. We’re excited for future consultations where we will be able to go into more detail about our approach.

I recently saw a sign with huge typography. It said, “Don’t be afraid of change!” We’ve embraced the fact that we are not the same people, the same couple, the same family nor the same photographers we were years ago. It’s time we do something different, something better. We invite you to follow our journey as we continue to re-brand ourselves and our business!


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  • Kristin Link says:

    So excited for you guys (was going to put “y’all” but then I remembered you’re from WI too and I’m not foolin’ anyone)! Love the new look and know there are big things ahead for all three of you!

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